Transparency International aims to mobilise wider audiences in the fight against corruption through connecting the sports community to the wider movement against corruption. This ‘Corruption in Sport Initiative’ includes partnerships with experts, supporters and sponsors through new research, analysis, dialogue and key recommendations. Transparency International’s focus areas are:

  • Improving the governance of sport organisations
  • Strengthening the integrity of the bidding, awarding and hosting of major sporting events
  • Preventing and combatting match-fixing

On 9 April 2015, we began publishing new analysis and commentary by leading experts in the field. We will continue to release new material linked to key sports events. Readers can sign up for updates here.

This content was updated and published as Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report by Routledge in February 2016. Read an introductory blog post by the series editor, Gareth Sweeney.

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