The Uganda National NGO Forum is a membership organization. Under this programme area, we deliver on the mandate as a service organization, by providing regular and specialized services to the members, other NGOs, civil society and a wide range of other actors that demand information and other support services.

We believe that information is pertinent for any organisation. So we avail information to a wide range of our service subscribers, in order to enhance their growth and better work output. We aim at having a well informed Civil Society Sector and therefore we are an information hub for all stakeholders who seek for information on different issues on development processes and policy development. We also offer some support services to some of our members for instance publicity space on the NGO Directory website.

This programme works to develop the capacity of Uganda’s civil society so that the CSO sector can deliver its core mandate and influence development processes, policies and practices. The three main areas of engagement include;

  1. Capacity development where UNNGOF will provide capacity building initiatives to its membership and partners to ensure quality in their work
  2. we strengthen engagement with the Quality Assurance Mechanism (QUAM) by promoting it among our membership of over 500 NGOs so that there is compliance and a culture of integrity in the sector,
  3. CSO infrastructural development and strengthening through the Support Programme for Advocacy Networks (SPAN) that is anchored on four broad intervention i.e. building effective leadership of civil society organizations at the local level ,influencing effective public service delivery through developing strong sub-national advocacy networks, catalyzing local advocacy initiatives and learning , networking and accountability for results at local level. We will ultimately contribute to more responsive and accountable duty bearers and improved quality of life for the citizens.
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