Under this programme component, we focus on effectively coordinating NGOs engagement on multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral policy processes.

Some of these involve; monitoring of the National Development Plan, National Level Budget Analysis. We also enhance CSO engagement in Aid and Development Effectiveness Agenda at global, regional and local levels. We ensure citizen awareness and participation in the East Africa Community Integration process and have their voices heard.

Furthermore, we work with our members and constituency through platforms, to develop and promote positions and policy alternatives that reflect the diversity and perspectives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), such as CSO Accountability Platform. The accountability platform has the objective to strengthen and coordinate accountability work undertaking among CSOs.

We also have the CSO-Parliament Platform that coordinates relations between Civil Society and Parliament.

The Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) is another platform that advocates for local and national pro-poor budgets.

The CSO Aid and Development Effectiveness Platform provides space for CSOs to meaningfully and collectively contribute to the Aid Effectiveness agenda at local, regional and global levels.

Ultimately, the work under Policy Advocacy and Engagement is geared towards the development of citizen responsive policies and practices for the well being of citizens and their rights.

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